Frequently Asked Questions


Do I still need a lawyer if I'm just going to plead guilty?

When you're charged with a crime, it's only an accusation, not proof of guilt. Criminal charges must be proven in a court of law. Charges and penalties can often be negotiated and consulting an experienced attorney is highly recommended to safeguard your rights.


What is probate?

Probate is the process that takes place on death whereby your will is determined to be your final statement. It also confirms the person you've named to administer your estate, the executor. The executor is held accountable by the beneficiaries and is entitled to a reasonable fee for their work. The job of the executor during probate is to facilitate an orderly method for administration of the estate.


How do I know if I was terminated unfairly?

South Carolina is an at-will state, which means that employees may be terminated for any reason at all or even no reason. The employee may also quit the same way without providing notice. If you feel you were discriminated against due to race, age, gender, disability, or religion -- please contact us to learn about your options.


How do I get a personal injury settlement?

In many cases involving auto accidents and workplace injuries, one of the parties is clearly liable and may offer to settle out of court to save time and money. If you've been injured, don't talk to the insurance companies until you've consulted an attorney and know your rights.


What's the difference between a deed of trust and a mortgage?

A deed of trust is when legal title in real property is transferred to a trustee, which holds it as security for a loan (debt) between a borrower and lender. The equitable title remains with the borrower. A mortgage loan is a loan secured by real property through the use of a mortgage note. Title to the collateral remains in the debtor, and the mortgage creates a lien on the real estate in favor of the creditor.


I hired a contractor and they quit halfway through. What are my options?

First, determine how much of the contract price has already been paid. Next, determine how much money is owed to the contractor. Then, get bids from other contractors to complete the job. You may need to file a notice of termination to the original contractor and then file a notice of commencement to get the project started up again. Please contact us with details on your individual case.


What's the difference between a legal separation and a divorce?

A divorce is a dissolution of marriage. A legal separation means that you and your spouse will live separate lives while remaining legally married. A legal separation is to work out an agreement for things like division of assets and child custody. If you get divorced later on, it could be under the same arrangement as your legal separation.

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